How’s Your Sandwich Savvy?

In anticipation of National Sandwich Day on Wednesday Nov. 3, I’ve been asked to share a few of my favorite things between two slices of bread. Always a pleasure.

Invented in 1762 by John Montagu, the 4th Earl of  Sandwich, today I find this “best thing since sliced bread” a wonderful way to showcase all things local. Start with fresh baked bread. Sandwich in seasonal produce, proteins and product and you’ll find this great hands-on meal, perfect for lunch, dinner and breakfast dining, too!

What’s Your Got-To-Go-To Sandwich Spot?

When my friends at WCNC-TV’s Charlotte Today called to ask if I could do a round up of some of my favorite sandwiches , it was easy to say yes. Lots of delicious choices in and around the Queen City.

In case you missed it, watch the segment below. And then, make plans to try them all for National Sandwich Day, or at least sometime this month.

Of course, the thing with making a list is that something delicious always slips through the cracks or somehow gets left off.

So this time, this is just the beginning. The start of a working list of faves. I have lots more to add, so stay tuned and keep coming back. And…. let me know if you have a favorite sandwich I should try. I will; and then, if it’s all you say, I’ll add it onto the list. You can add in your suggestions in the comments section at the bottom of the post. I look forward to trying out all of your sandwich suggestions as well.

A DIY Sandwich Always Hits the Spot

Before I share my go-to restaurant list. Let’s talk a little do-it-yourself how-to with links back to sandwich-centric posts I’ve shared here in the past. Making your own is oh so easy to do with all of the great local bakeries making top notch bread in Charlotte.

Here’s a short list of local must-try bakers. I love them all

Verdant Bread Co. – My go-to are the Sesame, the Olive Loaf and the Oat Porridge

Virtuoso Bread Works in Waxhaw – Try the Cinnamon Raisin and English Muffins for all your breakfast sammies. Oooh, and the croissants make great sandwiches, too!

Dukes Bread – We Love Duke’s swirled rye! And, if you are into sliders – the dinner rolls are perfect.

BagelGram NC – place an order for home delivery. Hard to say but Poppy Seed and Asiago Jalapeno might be my current faves.

Coddle Creek Farms – Delicious Sourdough Bread available at area farmers markets and at the farm store.

Great Harvest Bread – Try the Dakota Bread, toasted

ISO Sandwich Toppings and Stuffings

Start with the bread or bagel and then add on lots of local toppings. Go to any of my eat local posts on this blog for a host of local condiments, sandwich meats and cheeses. Don’t forget the Lusty Monk Mustard, Miso Master Miso ( mix into your favorite mayo for a delicious aioli) or use any of the Vegetable Kingdom salad dressings as a spread.

When it comes to the protein, grill local seafood, chicken, pork or beef and slice for a hearty lunch or sandwich-y dinner. Or, if meat’s not your bag, go veggie or vegan with GotToBeNC plant based options like Smiling Hara Hempeh or roast root veggies like carrots, hakurei turnips or sweet potatoes.

If you, like me, love a good ole fashioned, PB&J, turn to Mama Young’s Nut Butters paired with lots of different local jams and jellies.

Need more inspiration? Check out this video and post I did with my friend Chef Chad Blackwelder on crafting creative BLT’s.

Reality Is

As you head out to taste each of the following sandwich suggestions, keep in mind that reality is. Restaurants are still changing around opening and closing schedules to keep up with demand and their work force abilities.

While websites will have hours listed, honestly, your best source of info is a restaurant’s social media. Give these places a follow and then check before you head out to insure that they will be open when you get there. Also check to see if you need a reservations. Be sure to wear a mask and remember to tip well. Front and back of the house staff continues to be in short supply right now and the folks who show up are working double time doing their best to keep things right for customers. Let’s all be sure to say please and thank you and show our appreciation with a gratuity before we leave.

And now, without any further ado…

Six Sensational Sandwich Options

First on the list is a trio of vegan options from the relatively new Plant Joy at Camp North End.

Plant Joy at Camp North End

The selections here are all vegan and very delicious. This is a walk up counter service only spot at the Graham Street Side of Camp North End. You can check them out when you go to the Wednesday afternoon North End Farmers’ Market.

My go-tos are the fried greens sandwich, pictured here; the Yam Sandwich and Rainbow Toast. You will love them all.

Must Have Oyster Sliders ( little sandwiches on a bun)

Also located in Camp North End is Leah & Louise home to these scrumptious little sandwiches known as the Rich Boys. These are L&L’s infamous fried Oyster sliders, served on a house made brioche bun with a brown roux aioli and  pickled celery. Oh my!

They come three to an order. Enough to share with a friend, but believe me, make your friends order their own, You won’t want to share! 

Chicken Salad Croissants & Meatball Hoagies

You will always find something to love at Pasta & Provisions, a Charlotte front runner in the Charlotte grocery/cheese/deli/sandwich & fresh made pasta shop biz. There are three locations in the Queen City, at Providence Road, Mint Street and Park Road. Sandwiches available at Mint Street and Park Road locations. Fresh cut, ready to cook pasta and more at all three spots every day.

Here we have their delicious from scratch chicken salad sandwich. You can also indulge in a meatball sub or deconstruct the sandwich idea and enjoy the meatballs on a kale salad and have the bread on the side.

Indulge in a little Indian Street Food

It’s all at Botiwalla. Charlotte’s spot for Indian Street Food at Optimist Hall. Pick up, counter service, seating inside or in or around Optimist Hall.

My two favorite sandwiches here are the spicy lamb slider and the Vada Pav or Potato Dumpling. What’s not to love about potatoes on a bun? Be sure to order them with plenty of chutney and a side of crispy Kale Pakoras.

Grilled Cheese, Please

Papi Queso, THE place for grilled cheese at Optimist Hall. 

I wish I could tell you my favorite, but it keeps changing at each visit. So many cheesy choices and not a bad pick in the bunch. 

The Reuben, with a side of Uncle Scott’s

The Loyalist Market in Matthews is a cheese shop, so order cheese or a charcuterie tray to take home; but then the stay and have a sandwich as well.

My go to here is the Reuben, every time. It is perfectly done and it is mandatory that you drink local and enjoy an Uncle Scott’s Rootbeer along with it.

Dine in or out on the patio and check out their brand new mural along the side of the building.

Stay tuned for more Sandwich Suggestions

I’ll be adding to this list with more mouth watering options and I’m looking forward to finding out what your go-to sandwich spots are. Make comments and suggestions below and I’ll check them out as soon as I can. Stay tuned; and as you try any or all of these places, remember to #TellThemHeidiSentYou


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