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Let Your Culinary Adventures Begin Here – Heidi Billotto

Here is how you can help Charlotte area Restaurants and those across the state.

Also in this post how to help your favorite hotels, resorts and B&B’s. And links on where to order the Ya’ll Sauce, fundraising T-Shirt

25 plus great ways to Stay Safe and Shop Local… read more… links below

In this Shop Local post, Heidi shares great Charlotte area resources so you can shop local for NC & SC product, proteins and produce. From Farmers markets and Farm Stores, & some restaurants, too. Where will you be shopping local this week?

Where to Eat Local and How to Help Support Charlotte Restaurants.. read more…. link below…

charlotte take out
Heidi Billotto shares updates on Charlotte Restaurants’ Take Out and Delivery options; and tells why its important to buy restaurant Gift Certificates now.

Update: Charlotte restaurants and Farmers Markets

Charlotte restaurants
An update on all Charlotte Restaurants are doing and offering to help us get through the crisis, keep our distance and still eat well. Also included, links to recipes and what to expect at Charlotte area Farmers markets this weekend. #TellThemHeidiSentYou

How to Cook with Hempeh: Eat Local and Keep it Plant-Based

cook with Hempeh
Three delicious vegetarian recipes and a how to video as well!

Charlotte Chefs Helping Us All Eat Well in the Wake of the COVID-19 coronavirus 

Charlotte chefs are shifting the way they do business to help the community get through the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis. This is the first of several posts – stay tuned for updates each week.

Just a taste of the 2020 YoCo Taste Trail

Heidi BIllotto
Its time for another culinary adventure. This one takes us to South Carolina’s York County, to follow the 2020 YoCo Taste Trail. In this first of two posts, I am delighted to share every sweet and savory bite of the journey with you.

Sharing ways to Drink and Eat Local on WRAL – Feb 17, 2020

heidi Billotto
Check out the preview page to my How to eat Seasonally post here.

Treat Your Valentine to Hearts, Chocolate & Flowers

hearts chocolate and flowers
High Tea at the historic McNinch House. Just one of the ways you can celebrate with your Valentine this season of hearts and flowers!

Six + “Made In the Carolinas” ways to Eat and Drink Local, plus a new product from KFC

Made in the Carolinas
From Chemist’s new Navy Gin to whipped cream, hot chocolate, Bloody Mary’s, cheese, local sprouts, beans and peas AND the story of how I know Colonel Sanders – its all in this rather eclectic Made in the Carolinas post.

Did Someway Say, “Superbowl”?

Cooking with Local Condiments with Recipes

Heidi Billotto
Transform in season root veggies and leafy greens into a fabulous winter salad made even better when you do the cooking with local condiments

Queens Feast Winter 2020

Heidi Billotto
Save the dates and let the feasting begin. The annual Charlotte Restaurant Week, aka Queen’s Feast kicks off on Jan 17 and runs till Jan 26, 2020.
Look for my Queens Feast Winter 2020 blog post here.

Asheville, NC Roadtrip

Check out this fall post for notes on a trio of my favorite restaurants in Asheville. All three are participating in the Asheville Restaurant week Jan 21-26, 2020.

Heidi Billotto
This post is from the fall, but everything still applies, including all of my Asheville restaurant recommendations. Oysters on the half shell pictured here from Aux Bar, one of my faves!

Dairy Delicious Brie and Mushroom Soup

I’ve written a lot about Local Milk, cheese and yogurt here on my blog. Imagine my delight when my friends at The Dairy Alliance ask me to write for their website’s blog post as well. Check out my recipe for This fabulous brie and mushroom soup I shared with their readers for National Soup Month. In North Carolina, make it local with Hickory Hill Milk or Ran Lew Dairy Milk, Chapel Hill Creamery Carolina Moon cheese and Urban Gourmet Farms mushrooms.

Why ask Siri for “Restaurants Near Me” when Heidi has the answers

heidi Billotto
Seven great restaurants in this recap of a December post – now with video and more photos . All wonderful places to raise a glass or fork and celebrate times with friends, great food and drink and the possibilities that 2020 holds for us all.

Coming Soon! Heidi Billotto shares info on a few restaurants to open in 2020

Heidi Billotto
Food writer, Heidi Billotto shares a preview of just a few of the Charlotte restaurants to look forward to in 2020. More restaurants and more info to come as delicious details develop.
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d you won’t miss a single bite! In this post look for shout outs to The Goodyear House , VANA , Bardo Restaurant, The Stanley, Supperland, Futo Buta, Lincoln’s Haberdashery, Heirloom, Leah & Louise, Charlotte Today and Charlotte Restaurant Week, with chefs Chris Coleman, Gregory Collier, Michael Noll, Michael Shortino and Paul Verica

Cooking Classes with Heidi Billotto

Heidi Billotto’s personalized cooking class gift certificates make the perfect gift for your favorite Gourmet or Gourmand! Email Heidi to place an order at, or simply do it here.
Not a post I wrote on this site, but instead one I was asked to pen for my friends at The Dairy Alliance for their blog. They delight in Sharing the joys of eating and drinking products make with local cow’s milk. I was excited to share these quick and easy tips on how to be Chairman of the Cheese Board.
Looking for a quick and easy dinner for family or friends? Nothing quite so delicious as these cheese souffles made with locally sourced cheese, eggs, milk and butter – get the recipe right here.

Say Cheers to the Holidays as you plan to Drink Local

drink local
It has become a holiday tradition. My December post with a half dozen or so ways to drink local this holiday season and on into the new year as well. This is the link to the preview post …stay tuned for more recipes, photos and details coming soon.

Six ways to Eat and Drink Local

This Jezebel Sauce from Ya’ll Sauce Co. in Winston-Salem, NC, is one of a tasty trio of locally crafted sauces and one of six local products you are going to love. In the follow up post I’ll share recipes for these scrumptious wings and more; but meanwhile, check out all six of these great GotToBeNC products here.

Five Fabulous Ways to Eat Locally

Eating local
Now you can get all the details on the five fabulous products you watched Heidi share on the Charlotte Today Show
in this recent post on Eating Locally!

Nuts about Pecans

You are going to love all the wonderful things the folks at The Nut House and Country Market do with Certified South Carolina’s Yon’s Pecans. And all the things you can do with them too!

Durham Distillery Annual Cocktail Contest and how to cook with local gin

Durham Distillery
Let me introduce you to each of the Durham Distillery products first; then I’ll share a few tasty recipes I know you’ll want to try.
And, did I mention there is a contest…?

Thanksgiving on the Table

These tasty Oatmeal Molasses rolls are one of my personal favorites at Thanksgiving or any other time of the year – check out all the recipes you’ll need for your Thanksgiving table here.
Here is how to keep all the eyes on your holiday pies! If your holiday baking involves a pie or two, let Heidi Billotto makes it easy with lots of pie baking tips and tricks!
Fall Color may be the draw, but in addition to that, there is lots of local art and music to be enjoyed, trails to hike, waterfalls at which to marvel. And, of course, delicious ways to eat and drink local.
Even if you are not a leaf-peeper, click through to this post for tips on taking some time this season or before the end of the year to nourish your body, feed your soul; rest, relax and revive all in a 2-3 day weekend or weekday getaway in Asheville, North Carolina.

Sweet Potato Toasties – a great way to eat local this season

I created these sweet potato toasties for a fun Octoberfest celebration topping them with Uno Alla Volta Ricotta, toasted pumpkin seeds, almonds and GoodNight Brothers thin sliced country Ham, making for a wonderful way to Eat Local this season. Here is the how to:

NCRLA Chef Showdown Winners Take to Local Airways and the Sweet News that Followed…

NC Chef Showdown Winners
NCRLA NC Chef Showdown winners gather for a group interview at WRAL. Video is included in this post, but that’s only a part of the sweet news this week.

North Carolina Roadtrip: Travel to the Triangle!

North Carolina Road trip
Its all here – everything you need to know on planning your next North Carolina Roadtrip with stops in Burlington, Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, NC. WOW!

What’s Up in Spartanburg SC?

Spartanburg SC
What’s Up in Spartanburg SC? So much to do, see, eat, drink and enjoy in Spartanburg SC. Let food and travel writer, Heidi Billotto be your guide in this first of a two part post. 

South Carolina Restaurant recap with video and six more great spots to eat!| Aug 2019

South carolina restaurants
The first post (below) was so popular I wrote a recap. This one with embedded video from my Charlotte Today appearance. Keep this link as a guide, next time you visit South Carolina’s Olde English Tourism District and are looking for a great place to eat!

Heidi Billotto Shares Six Sensational South Carolina Restaurants | Aug 2019
In this post, we are swinging down to South Carolina for Heidi Billottos August Restaurant Roundup, to share what’s cooking across state lines.
I’ve spent a lot of time traveling across The Palmetto State this summer. Thought it was time to write about some of my favorite South Carolina places to eat and drink. Check out all the info on these six sensational spots…

Happy Birthday Julia Child | Aug 2019

Heidi Billotto
Happy Birthday Julia Child! Sharing my Julia Child Story and a great master recipe for Classic Roast Chicken

NCRLA Chef Showdown Raleigh Regional Recap | Aug 2019

Heidi Billotto
Here is the recap of the Raleigh Regional Round of Competition – all a part of the 2019 NCRLA Chef Showdown. Heidi Billotto is the showdown host and co-organizer!

Tea with Seagrove Potters | August 2019

Heidi Billotto
Tea With Seagrove Potters was an event that took place in early August, but you can visit the talented potters in the town of Seagrove NC anytime you would like. In this tea-centric travel post, youll get to meet the craftsmen and women who participated in the annual event and hear more about their passion for pottery. In this post, learn how to brew the perfect pot of hot tea and the perfect pitcher of iced tea