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Charlotte Restaurants on the Radar

As we start this year, I, like you, find myself with many new Charlotte restaurants to try, that’s for sure. Add all the new places open in Q4 of 2019 to that to the list of all the old favorites in town. Factor in everything tapped to open this winter of 2020 and we have our work cut out for us. My friends, there is lots of delicious dining to be done!

Where To Eat Out Next?

One of the rules I have always held to since I have been writing about Charlotte restaurants, is not to write about a place before its time. Unfair, I think, to recommend a spot or not, based on just a couple of weeks in business. Sometimes I make an exception when I know the place is ready. But most often I just wait. And then, before I write, I go back for a second helping. Equally unfair to base a recommendation or review on a singular dining experience.

Heidi’s bi-annual Charlotte Restaurant Week Roundup coming Jan. 16

I try to write a restaurant-centric post about places in and around Charlotte that I think you need to try, about once a month. With hundreds of new places open in late 2019 there is a lot to write about.

Stay tuned for a post on six great restaurants you’ll need to check out for the Winter 2020 edition of Charlotte Restaurant Week. That post will be going live on Thursday January 16, 2020 and I can’t wait. Meantime check out the list of all the Queen’s Feast possibilities here… never too soon to make a reservation!

2020 Visions

Its a rare thing to find me writing about a place in advance of an opening. Too many variables in the mix. While it is exciting to know a new place is coming into town, I’ve never really thought that the dining out public wanted the details on the status of the sheetrock.

And, while its nice to know what is in the mind of a chef; what really counts is what it all tastes like once its on your plate. So, I rarely post previews of what might be to come. Over the years, it has been my experience that readers and viewers just want to know where to go now, what’s worthy of our time and dining out dollars and why.

On Heidi’s Charlotte Restaurants Radar

That said, there are always exceptions to the rule. And that is why, when my friends at WCNC’s Charlotte Today asked me to talk about what is on my Charlotte Restaurant bucket list for 2020, I agreed. To that end, a short list of a few soon-to-open Charlotte restaurants for whom I have high hopes.

Here is the video from the Charlotte Today segment that aired on Dec 30, 2019. A little preview of things to come.

Heidi on Charlotte Today, suggesting a few new places to put on your 2020 Charlotte Restaurant radar

Here’s the short list…

None of us has a crystal ball, so predictions are always hard. But this short list of places scheduled to open sometime in 2020 seems solid. Stay tuned for details on exact openings, but meantime you can follow them all on social media.


1440 S Tryon Street in SouthEnd

Sister restaurants seem all the rage this new year and VANA is no exception. The talented team at Bardo in Southend is the force behind this new concept. With Chef Mike Noll the creative force in the kitchen and mixologist Amanda Britton shaking and stirring things up behind the bar, I can’t wait. Like Bardo, the managing partner is Jayson Whiteside. Also like Bardo, VANA will also be located in the SouthEnd neighborhood. Update: Forget what I said on the video about Spanish cuisine (or the word Vana meaning forest in Spanish), but do expect a twist on tapas centered on wood-fired rustic cooking. #TellThemHeidiSentYou as you follow VANA at @vanasouthend on Instagram; @VANASouthend on Twitter and Facebook. For more info as it happens, visit the website and sign up to be on the email list.

The Goodyear House

3032 North Davidson Street in NODA

I’ve know chef Chris Coleman for years – nearly since he graduated from CPCC’s culinary school program and certainly since he took the helm way back at The McNinch House. Since then, I’ve followed him to The Asbury and Stoke, loving every bite of the journey. The Goodyear House is Chris’ next big adventure and I, like many of you, have very high hopes. The Goodyear House is nestled into Charlotte’s NoDa neighborhood. The team is already making themselves at home in the NoDa community celebrating the history of the area. Follow The Goodyear House on social media for more info and for photos of the food Chris is conceptualizing for the menu – looks fab! #TellThemHeidiSentYou as you follow @goodyearhouse on Instagram and Twitter; @thegoodyearhouse on Facebook. And, for opening info when it happens visit them online here, The Goodyear House.

And, if you’d like to see the Season 44, Meat Fight, (episode 3) of Chopped where Chris takes home the big prize, you can do that here.


1212 The Plaza,

in Plaza Midwood

Charlotte restaurants
This 1950’s era church in Plaza Midwood will become home to Supperland later this year.

From the folks who brought us the Crepe Cellar, Haberdish and Reigning Donuts, comes Supperland. It looks like this 2020 restaurant will be open later in the year in Plaza Midwood. Construction and renovations to the old church have just begun, so not much to share just yet, but stay tuned. Meanwhile, follow the action on their social media feeds as the news and details on this Southern Style family restaurant develop. #TellThemHeidiSentYou on their feeds at @supper.land on Instagram; @Supperland on Facebook and @Supper_land on Twitter. No website info just yet, stay tuned.

Leah & Louise

in Camp Northend

at 1824 Statesville Ave

Charlotte Restaurants

Chef Greg Collier and his wife Subrina are keeping their next restaurant concept true to their Southern Memphis, Tennessee roots.

It all started years ago when the couple took the Carolina’s by storm with their first step in the Charlotte restaurant scene with a breakfast concept called The Yolk. That was in Rock Hill several years ago. After much success with two Rock Hill locations, one after the other, both now closed; the couple moved things into Charlotte. Now, The Yolk Uptown is all about that same wonderful breakfast fare and they serve lunch too. Its all good, but, for sure don’t miss those TN fries!

Since the Charlotte move, Greg headed the culinary team at Loft & Cellar. And, is an integral and founding member of the Soul Food Sessions team of chefs. Both of these opportunities and a long list of pop ups have given Greg a chance to stretch his talents to include the dinner service options he has wanted to do for a long time. Leah & Louise will be a fun casual concept. A Southern-style Juke Joint. Look for Memphis inspired locally sourced Southern fare, seasonal menus, fun and music, too! #TellThemHeidiSentYou as you follow developments for this new concept at @leah_and_louise on Instagram and Twitter; and @leahandlouise on Facebook. Look for more details as they come on The Yolk Uptown website.

Heirloom Restaurant

8470 Bellhaven Blvd. Coulwood/Mountain Isle Lake

Charlotte restaurants

Heirloom isn’t a new restaurant at all, but just before the end of the year, Chef and original owner Clark Barlow passed the torch and sold the restaurant. New owners include executive chef and co-proprietor chef Patrick Murphy and his parents, and now proprietors, Scott and Linda Murphy. Also new to the Heirloom kitchen is executive chef Gerry Sizemore. Still on the team are longtime Heirloom chefs Myles Scaglione and Suzette Ramsey. Clark brought so much to the Charlotte restaurant scene with his all North Carolina local tasting menu concept at Heirloom, he will be missed. Probably more than he even knows.

Personally, I can’t thank Clark enough for all he has brought to the table. With that said, I am anxious to connect with Patrick and Gerry and learn more. It’s apparent that the Murphy’s love the concept, but they will most certainly want to make their mark on things, too. So, I do anticipate some change, just not sure how that will take form. We’ll have to wait and see. Meanwhile from the look of the social media pics, the offerings look as wonderful as they have always been. This Charlotte restaurant’s website is slowly being updated with all the new info. #TellThemHeidiSentYou as you follow along on all the social media feeds at @heirloomrestnc on Instagram and Twitter and @Heirloomnc on Facebook.

More new Charlotte Restaurants to come late 2020

In addition to the listings above, there is certainly much more to come. Lots we don’t know about yet and a few places we do. Here is the rest of the list I mentioned in the Charlotte Today segment.

Keep your eyes on Chef Paul Verica of The Stanley in Charlotte’s Elizabeth neighborhood.

He is jumping on the Italian bandwagon. Later this year, will open an Italian concept called Orto, to be located in NoDa at 416 East 36th Street. Follow The Stanley at @_thestanley_ on Instagram; and @thestanleyclt on Twitter and Facebook. Keep up with all that is happening at Orto as it develops on Instagram at @ortonoda #TellThemHeidiSentYou

From Chef Michael Shortino of Futo Buta and Lincoln’s Haberdashery , two of my favorite Charlotte restaurants, has another new concept on the horizon.

Mum is the word right now, but keep your eyes and ears open. Meanwhile, head up to Asheville and try Shortino’s second Futo location. He is taking the city by storm! Before you hit the road up the mountain, #TellThemHeidiSentYou as you follow Futo at @futobutaramen and @futobutaavl and Lincoln’s at @lincolnshaberdashery on Instagram. All three restaurants are on Facebook too, at @Futobutaramen and @LincolnsHaberdashery , respectively.

Finally, keep your eyes on what is happening in Charlotte’s Villa Heights neighborhood. Nestled in between Uptown and NoDa, this little neigborhood will be home to some fun places to eat and drink in the year ahead. Go now and check out all that is happening at The Hobbyist , one of the spots I mentioned in my December restaurant round up. You can follow them at @thehobbyistclt on Instagram. Then, stay tuned for more with the sometime in 2020 opening of The Degenerate, a gastropub with a sports bar vibe, located at 2116 N. Davidson St. #TellThemHeidiSentYou

That’s a wrap…

on this taste of what’s to come in 2020. Hope you’ve enjoyed the sampling.

Charlotte Restaurants

I am looking forward to hearing about the 2020 restaurant openings you and your friends are anticipating. Or, the new recently opened places you’ve tried and loved. I promise I am eating as fast as I can and will be writing about more new places worth your time and dining out dollars soon.

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