Eat Local Drink Local

I love what I do! This morning, I am excited to be sharing six sensational ways to eat and drink local on The Charlotte Today Show in Charlotte on WCNC-TV.

I can’t wait for show hosts, and my buds, Colleen Odegaard and Eugene Robinson and all of you to see just how easy it is to Eat and Drink Local this late summer to fall season.

Eat Local with Ya’ll Sauces from Winston-Salem

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In the spotlight this morning on TV and then later in a follow up blog post here: From Winston-Salem, NC, a tasty trio of sauces from Yall Sauce Company. In the follow up post I’ll share recipes for a delicious chicken salad and these scrumptious wings – stay tuned!

Eat Local Drink Local with Miso Masters Miso

Eat Local Drink Local

From Rutherfordton, NC, Miso Masters Miso. You may remember that I used Miso Masters Miso in a sauce for this French Toast Breakfast Sandwich . Later today I’ll have recipes for a dairy free miso pesto and a sensational miso sesame ginger glaze for grilled artichokes that will take your tailgating to the next level!

Eat Local Drink Local with Vegetable Kingdom

Eat Local Drink Local

Then, from Asheville, NC and my friends at Vegetable Kingdom, I bring you a whole series of seasonal soups for you to open and heat and beef up or not. These “dinner in a jar” products have got to be one of the easiest way to get a delicious, healthy dinner on the table just by opening a jar . And, you simply must have a jars of their ketchup and award winning green tomato chow chow on hand at all times. Can’t wait to tell you more.

As we eat local, we must also drink local. The next two companies make that task incredibly easy.

Drink Local with Bold Rock Seltzer

Eat Local Drink Local

Just released in the Charlotte area, go to your local grocery stores now and look for this refreshing and delicious Hard Seltzer. Its locally made with water from the Blue Ridge Mountains in Mills River, NC from the same fine folks who brought us Bold Rock hard ciders. Delicious in a glass all on its on or as a base for your next crafted cocktail.

Drink Local with Muddy River Rums

Eat Local Drink Local

Speaking of Cocktails, you’re gonna want to be sure to pick up the next great thing from my friends Caroline and Robbie at Muddy River Distillery – Basil Rum, oh my! In the next post, I’ll share the recipe for my caprese cocktail; and a delicious blend of Muddy’s basil rum and raspberries that mixologist Rhea Buck is crafting over at Haberdish in Charlotte. Drink it up!

This season, don’t forget to spike your local apply cider with Muddy River’s spice rum or enjoy their new 4 year aged signature Queen Charlotte rum when occasion calls for sipping something on the rocks.

Eat Local & Drink Local with Haands Porcelain Pottery

eat local drink local

Finally, for this televised segment and all the product pictures in the Easy to Eat Local post that follows, I am taking the term Locally Made to the next level. Look for each recipe I share to be served each dish in and on locally crafted Haands Pottery! You’ll remember they were the first stop in my Travel to the Triangle roadtrip post last week.

Don’t Miss Any of the Delicious Details 

For all the delicious details, Tune in or live stream WCNC_TV’s Charlotte Today Show, today, Friday Oct 4 between 11 and noon.

Then, check back here later this afternoon to watch the video again, get all the where-to-buy info and collect all the recipes. Its so easy to eat local! #TellThemHeidiSentYou

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