Much Loved NC Dairy Farmer Needs Your Help

Many of you know my good friend, Randy Lewis, NC Dairy Farmer extraordinaire of RanLewDairy Milk Co. in Snow Camp, NC.

If you’ve ever talked to Randy about his farming philosophy or tasted RanLew’s real cream top milk or cooked with the dairy’s buttermilk, or enjoyed Randy’s chocolate milk, eggnog or soft serve ice cream or yogurt- you know how important Randy and RanLew Dairy are to NC’s local food, local farming landscape.

In fact, you’ll find lots of recipes that call for Rand Lew Dairy milk in posts across this blog site. But right now, we’ll put the cooking aside for a bit , because Randy needs our help.

Over the weekend, Randy was attacked by a bull and has sustained many serious injuries and needs our help.

This from Taylor, milk plant operator at Ran Lew:

“Early Sunday morning, May 7, Randy was attacked by a bull in the pasture. He suffered broken ribs, punctures in both lungs, and broken bones in his face, back, and collarbone. Randy was life-flighted to UNC Hospital where he’s in the surgical ICU and is undergoing extensive medical care and reconstructive surgery.”

Randy’s wife, Teresa Lewis later updated the Go Fund Me page to say that, “Randy’s injuries include punctured lungs, broken bones, and lacerations. Both lungs were punctured. Ribs are broken, his collar bone is fractured on both sides, holding on by a thread to the sternum, fractured vertebrae, and he has fractured bones in his face below his eyes. They sewed up his ear and laceration under his eye.”

It’s going to be a long road ahead.

Please find updates and the link for donations to help Randy and the farm at
If you want to help the farm with hands-on support, please sign up here:

Thanks in advance for helping however you can.

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