Last Minute Shopping? Here’s the Ticket

I really hate to use the “P” word; but, if you are one of those procrast… , umm, people who wait to address your holiday gift list and do your shopping last minute; today, my friends, is your day. Of course, you might have some time tomorrow, Sat., Dec. 24. But, as its already the 5th day of Hanukkah and many stores close early on Christmas Eve, I’d say your last minute shopping time is quickly ticking away.

Have no fear, you know I always have your back. I’m here to help with an easy way to accomplish your gift giving goals. Tickets.

Tickets and cocktails to be exact and the best part is, you can, as they used to say, “let your fingers do the walking” ( If you don’t get the rather dated reference, just Google “Yellow Pages slogan.” ) But, I digress.

Last Minute Shopping…Here’s the ticket, and the themed cocktail…

This year I suggest you wrap your holiday gift giving around the performing arts in Charlotte and give tickets to one of the Broadway performances from Blumenthal Performing Arts.

You can also tuck the cost of a pre-show or intermission cocktail ( $11 for a single, $22 for a double) into the envelope.

And, you can include parking, too. It’s really super simple to pay in advance to park for events at Belk, Booth and Stage Door theatres – get details and links to purchase parking here.

Cheers to these folks on the team at Blumenthal Performing Arts. From left, Harold Logan, Food and Beverage Manager & Special Projects Manager; Becky Bereiter, Digital Communications and Creative Content Director; Whitney Hough, Marketing and Publicity Manager; Bluz Rogers, Director of Creative Engagement; Naimah Kisoki, Marketing and Publicity Manager and John Palmer “JP” Smith, Blumenthal’s Lead Bartender.

Before You Start to Shop, Say Cheers!

Cheers to this talented team, working behind the scenes on all that happens at Blumenthal, home to six different performing arts theatres and an amazing 2023 performance calendar in Charlotte, NC. From food and beverage special projects to social media this team has been working hard to make the 2022-23 season one of the best. It is certainly the biggest season ever – but don’t take my word for it, just ask TINA

To keep up with it all, you can follow Blumenthal Performing Arts on Facebook, Instagram , Twitter, and YouTube to get the latest scoop.

And now, each of these Broadway performances has its own signature cocktail

Last week, my new Blumey friends, all in the photo above, and I bellied up to the bar to taste the line up of craft cocktails they’ve created for this upcoming season – 14 signature cocktails, one for each of 14 Broadway performances all coming to town. You know I love a theme!

Custom recipes were created by Blumenthal Food and Beverage manager Harold Logan, who painstakingly researched the blend of beverages so that each crafted cocktail told a story in the glass that would echo the theme of each performance.

Harold Logan, says “Cheers” to the new and very successful signature cocktail line up, a part of the Broadway lights, Broadway Extras and the Equitable Bravo Series of performances at Blumenthal Performing Arts in Charlotte NC.

How These Cocktails were Crafted

Working alongside Harold, shaking and stirring it up to make sure it all worked, Blumenthal’s lead bartender, JP Smith.

Creating these recipes was trickier than one might think. Each of these drinks is made to order, so while flavors needed to be spot on, the process also had to be quick and easy.

“The key,” JP told me. “Is that the recipe for each cocktail had to be one that is delicious and tells a story; but also one we could quickly mix, pour and serve.”

Fastest Bar Service in Town

Harold reminded me of some figures I’d really never thought about. At Belk Theatre alone, the house seats 2,100 patrons at a sold out show, all of whom are invited to order from the bars for pre-show cocktails an hour before each performance starts; and then again, during the 20-minute intermission. There are a six bars at each performance at Belk Theater with twice that number of bartenders.

Not only are there cocktails and non alcoholic selections, but add to that a selection of craft beers (several local) and wines and snacks!! It is, most definitely, the fastest cocktail service in town.

Here’s a fun Boomerang video of just how fast it all comes together.

In fact, while you may not realize it, everything that happens while you are standing, stretching and chatting with friends during that 20 minute intermission is quick. From the lines for the bathrooms and bars to the team there to validate your parking, it’s all fast and efficient to make your Charlotte NC theatre experience the best ever!

Smile and say, Cheers! Food and Travel writer Heidi Billotto raises a glass to the 2023 season with Blumenthal Performing Arts Lead Bartender, JP Smith.

Pro Tip – Place and Pay for Drink Orders in Advance

As good as it is, the team at Blumenthal is working on a ways to keep making it better. Including an option to place bar orders online in advance of a show.

Order your intermission drinks upon your arrival and they’ll be waiting for you to pick up and enjoy as soon as intermission begins

But, until that is a reality, the pro move is to order your round of intermission cocktails upon your arrival to the theatre. Then, they will be ready and waiting as soon as intermission starts. All you have to do is pick them up, leaving you plenty of time to get your parking slip validated and take a bathroom break if nature calls.

And, there are snacks

Because man ( and woman and child) cannot live on beverages alone, there are also snacks at each of the bars and I am happy to say that Harold and team are working on more locally sourced options.

For now, if you are not into themed cocktails, wine or craft beer, be sure to check out the themed frozen treats at each of these same performances made-to-order for each show by PopBar with two Charlotte locations at Camp North End and in NoDa. This is what is on the frozen treat menu for this month’s performance of Tina; and yes, tickets are still available!

PopBar specializes in frozen treats on a stick made from gelato, sorbet & yogurt. They offer an assortment of custom-made frozen bars at each Blumenthal performance.

Let the Last Minute Shopping begin…

To whet your palate, here is a list of each of the new signature cocktails being served for the 2022-23 season.

And to make it easier for you to get your holiday shopping underway – I’ve included links to buy tickets for each of the shows. Keep this post as a resource and make plans to attended several of these wonderful performances throughout the new year.

Seats are Still Available

There are still tickets available for each of these productions and the New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve performances of Tina promise to really be something to celebrate. So, hop on it, get your last minute shopping done and enjoy a wonderful holiday season. Cheers, Heidi!

Here’s the 2022-23 Line Up – Simply, Click on Links for Tickets

  • Tina – The Tina Turner Musical – December 27 – January 1  And, the cocktail is: “Rolling River” – Vodka / Apple Cider /Ginger Ale / Lime   
  • A Soldier’s Play – January 10 – 22   And, the cocktail is: “Beautiful Tragedy” – Makers Mark / OJ / Peach Schnapps / Lime
  • Les Misérables – January 31 – February 5  And, the cocktail is: “Soloist” – Champagne / Peach Schnapps / Tonic   
  • Riverdance – February 14 -19  And, the cocktail is: “Curtain Call” – Vodka / Cranberry Juice / Splash of OJ / Lime  
  • Come From Away – March 7 -12  And, the cocktail is: “Welcome Home” – Vodka / Pineapple Juice / Grenadine / Lime  
  • Beetlejuice – March 28  – April 2  And, the cocktail is: “Pucker Up, Pucker up, Pucker Up” – Midori / Vodka / Splash of Pineapple  
  •  Aladdin – April 5 – 9  And, the cocktail is: “Fly with Me” – Blue Curacao / Pineapple Rum / Ginger Ale 
  •  Annie – May 30 – June 4   And, the cocktail is: “Hard Knock-on Rocks” –  Vodka / Sprite / Grenadine  
  •  1776 – June 6 – 11  And, the cocktail is: “Patriot’s Pride” – Splash of Grenadine / Vodka / Club soda / Splash Blue Curacao      
  • Six – July 4 – 16  And, the cocktail is: “Crown Jewel” – Crown Royal / Peach Schnapps / Cranberry Juice 
  •  Ain’t Too Proud – July 25 – 30   And, the cocktail is: “Out of Sight” – Vodka / Kahlua / Club soda
  •  The Book of Mormon – August 8 – 13  And the cocktail is: “The Almost Virgin Mary” – Bloody Mary Mix / Vodka / Celery / Lemon & Lime 
  •  Chicago – September 12 – 17 And, the cocktail is: Flirty Shirley” –  Vodka / Grenadine / Sprite / Lime 
  •  MJ – Tickets are not available just yet, stay tuned – September 27 – October 8   And, the cocktail is: “Iconic” – White Moscato / Cranberry / Peach Schnapps  

But wait, there’s more… take a look at all Blumenthal Performing Arts is offering in the 2023 season

The official websites to order tickets to each of the events at Blumenthal are and You can also call the Box Office at 704.372.1000 (open Monday – Saturday, 10am – 6pm).  For events at Ovens Auditorium, #TellThemHeidiSentYou

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