Waffle Your Way to a Happy Stay in Jacksonville NC

Looking for a reason to celebrate? We’ll let’s see, National Waffle Day is officially Aug 24.

This is the start of a blueberry breakfast waffle at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Jacksonville, NC. Those darker spots in the waffle are fresh blueberries baked into the batter!

The good news is, with the tasty travel tip I’m sharing with you today, you don’t have to wait till August rolls around again.

Now, you can plan to travel and celebrate any day of the year, with a 2-3 day road trip and made-to-order waffles at the Hampton Inn and Suites in Jacksonville , located at 1032 Hampton Inn Way. This Hilton property is in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

With so many people headed out for some sort of getaway this summer, Jacksonville NC is a NC coastal travel destination, that perhaps, you haven’t thought of before. I am here to tell you, you should….

Safe Summer Travels

As travel slowly comes back, know that the Hampton Inn & Suites in Jacksonville, NC is a hotel doing it right; setting the stage so that every hotel guest has a safe and pleasant stay.

To help keep hotel guests safe and prepared for any occasion, this Hilton Property provides purse and pocket-sized hand sanitizer and wipes in every room; floor stickers in public areas to make social distancing easy (even in the elevators) and The Hilton’s “Clean Stay” seals on each guest room door once the room has been cleaned and is awaiting your arrival.

This Hampton Inn is truly a hidden gem. Here you’ll find the hotel staff to not only be friendly, helpful and most accommodating; but they go over and above sharing area travel tips and restaurant suggestions not found in most travel guides. Always good to know where the locals say to go.

We can’t wait to go back! Stay tuned for more on all there is to eat and enjoy in Jacksonville, NC in a follow up post and video to come; but first, let’s start with breakfast.

Waffle Your Way to a Happy Day

So that guests get each day of their stay off to a happy start, the Hilton Properties signature waffles are always on the breakfast menu. Of course, if you regularly stay at Hampton Inn properties when you travel, you already know about the complimentary breakfast; but in Jacksonville NC, this Hampton Inn and Suites, has raised the breakfast bar.

waffles and a sign

On the hotel website, a hot breakfast, included with your stay, is one of the hotel’s amenities. However, take this travel writer’s word on the following important details the corporate website omits.

My friends, this Hampton Inn, is, to the best of my knowledge, the only place in the world where you have a choice of 80+ different varieties of waffles, available each and every day, as way to help get your day off to a happy start!

What is it that sets this Hampton Inn apart? The fact of the matter is, this hidden gem has a hidden gem… and she is “The Waffle Lady”, Regina Triche.

Two women with a plate of waffles
The Waffle Lady, Regina Triche with Food & Travel Writer, Heidi Billotto at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Jacksonville, NC

Take Your Time, with 80+ made-to-order choices, waffling is allowed

Breakfast at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Jacksonville NC is a leisurely affair. After all, they want you to feel at home. Take your time to decide on the medley of fruit and flavor you’d like to enjoy baked into your waffles – and piled up on top – each day of your stay.

As of this Late Spring 2021 writing, guests may eat anywhere in the lobby or dining area or may certainly take breakfast back to their room. While coffee and tea continue to be self-serve, guests are currently not allowed in the breakfast buffet area for DIY service.

Instead, as a hotel guest, you’ll enjoy counter service of sorts. Walk up and place your order; then relax. Regina and the team working the kitchen have you covered and will quickly prep and plate your made-to-order breakfast for you.

Even when the hotel returns to a serve-yourself breakfast operation, Regina will still be there to help you land on a choice of waffle; and she’ll put it all together for you. The possibilites are limited only by

Heidi with Waffles

Choices range from more pedestrian classics like Blueberry, Strawberry or Chocolate Chip to over-the-top interpretations such as German Chocolate Cake, Carrot Cake or White Chocolate Cheesecake waffles. All delicious and not a bad choice in the bunch. This morning we watched Regina make, and then happily sampled, her Red Velvet Cake Waffle.

As you will here in the video below, even a basic chocolate chip waffle isn’t so basic at this Hampton Inn. You’ve got a love a spot where you can get your morning waffle, “blinging out” with all the extras!

Vaca TakeAway: A Trio of Waffle Tips and Tricks from “The Waffle Lady” herself

It was my pleasure to spend an early morning at the waffle irons with Regina at the start of my Jacksonville NC stay. This morning, she made me her infamous Red Velvet Waffles sharing tips and tricks so that each of you can recreate the deliciousness at home. Watch here.

If you are vacationing in Jacksonville, NC for several days, there may be a morning during your stay when you don’t want a waffle for breakfast. On those days opt for Regina’s Waffled Bagel Sandwich – you are going to love it as much as I did!! Get the DIY how to here.

waffled bagel with bananas
Regina’s Waffled Bagel Sandwich with Bananas and Peanut Butter

When ordering my first ever Waffled bagel, I went with one of my favorite comfort food combos: peanut butter and bananas. I think next time I’ll ask Regina to add in some chocolate chips!!

heidi with waffled bagel
Happy Waffled Bagel Sandwich, Happy Day!

Regina’s waffled bagel sandwich did not disappoint. I wish I had one now. Watch here.

You are Going to Love it a Waffle Lot

One more waffle tip from Regina before this post ends. This one on how to use mini waffles to make delicious homemade ice cream sandwiches. Spoiler alert, these frozen waffle sandwiches are not on Regina’s menu at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Jacksonville, NC, but you can take all of Regina’s tips and make them at home this summer. Watch Regina’s One Minute Waffle Tip here.

Want to Go?

The Hampton Inn & Suites in Jacksonville, NC is conveniently located to anywhere in the area you want to go.

After you waffle your way through breakfast, be sure to book a beach tour and shelling adventure with Marsh Cruises in Swansboro NC. #TellThemHeidiSentYou

From shopping local for eats and treats at the Onslow County Farmers’ Market (mentioned in the bagel video) to shelling at Bear Island ( Marsh Cruises can take you right over on a 25 ft skiff you can book for a private tour!); from taking a walk through the Lejeune Memorial Gardens as you stop to salute our nation’s veterans and troops; to stocking up on local seafood from Southern Breeze Seafood to take back home.

Be sure to take a cooler with you, so you can stock up on great local seafood to take back home from Southern Breeze Seafood in Jacksonville, NC

From raising a glass to a stunning sunset on an evening dinner cruise with Bayonet Cruises, to planning meals at a host of authentic ethnic restaurants you will love ( you’ll find all my recommendations here ), Jacksonville NC has all of this going on and more. Let the Hampton Inn & Suites be your home base.

Make plans to discover it all soon. Book your summer stay now. Be sure to #TellThemHeidiSentYou


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