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YoCo Taste Trail 2020

Its time for another culinary adventure. This one takes us to South Carolina’s York County, to follow the 2020 YoCo Taste Trail. Thanks to the team at Visit York County for helping to make my adventure possible. I am delighted to share every sweet and savory bite of the journey with you.

The “Trail” is a fun way to find all the great hidden gems and well-known restaurants that await within York County county lines. Consider it a treasure map of lots of delicious signature dishes.

15 different York County restaurants were selected this year to participate. The Taste Trail concept was modeled after Visit York County’s very successful 2019 YoCo Brew Trail. If, after you read this, you have a thirst for more; the YoCo Brew Trail adventure awaits you as well.

Your YoCo Taste Trail Adventure starts with an App

While I do love a paper map, this adventure is digital. And interactive. The “map” to the culinary treasures in York County lives on the Visit York County app. Downloadable and free at the app store of your choice.

How to Become a YoCo Taste Bud

The process is fun and easy and you have till December 31, 2020 to complete the adventure. Simply, check in on the app, eat at one of the participating restaurants and win a prize!

Once you arrive at any one of the 15 restaurants on the trail, sit down and peruse the menu. You’ll want to order the Trail’s signature dish for sure, but each of these restaurants offers so much more. While you are waiting for your meal to arrive, take a photo. Then, submit it on the YoCo Taste Trail app. Tap the “check in” button to confirm your location and don’t forget to hit the “Submit” button. Your photo will be recognized with a “pending” hourglass and then will be approved the Monday after you post.

After you eat and confirm your location at 12 of the 15 participating restaurants, you’re on your way! Take your phone to the Visit York County office at 130 E. Main Street in Rock Hill, SC. You’ll be awarded with one of the coveted YoCo Taste Trail T-Shirts of your very own! And you, my friend, will be declared an official YoCo Taste Bud! The YoCo Brew Trail app works basically the same way, And yes, you’ll find a T-shirt at the end of that trail, as well!

Let Your YoCo Taste Trail Culinary Adventure Begin

My husband Tom and I have had a blast explore this culinary trail. We’ve met some great folks and discovered several new favorite restaurants along the way. We’ve also rediscovered several old favorites and you will too. I’ve written about several of them in the past. And, I am delighted to use this two-post roundup as a recap on all that is new. Read more on The Flipside Restaurant in Rock Hill, Lilly’s Bistro in Clover, SC; Z’s Bakery in Ft. Mill, SC; and Legal Remedy Brewing in Rock Hill, SC in a post I wrote last year on South Carolina Hidden Gems.

So far, on the 2020 Trail, I’ve eaten at all of those restaurants ( plus 6 additional places on The YoCo Taste Trail) enjoying each of the signature dishes. Stay tuned for an update in a week or two as soon as I finish the trail.

On Wednesday Feb 26, 2020 I was delighted to share all this info and some of the signature dish photos that follow on WCNC’s Charlotte Today.

In Case You Missed It, you know I have you covered. Here is the link to the video – check it out and then read on for the delicious details of all the places I have gone and the signature dishes I have tasted so far. Then, stay tuned for more as I continue my way through the trail. Look for a second post with a recap of all of the restaurants listed below and details on all the new places I have, as of today, yet to try.

Get a Sneak Peak

On the show, as I have below, I highlighted several of the places I’ve eaten so far. Its been a fun and delicious journey and I think you’ll love it as much as I have.

yoCo taste trail

Here’s the run down on each of the restaurants on the YoCo Taste Trail. Look for more in a week or so, in a second post with more delicious details.

For more, be sure to follow my social media feeds – @heidibillotto on Instagram; Heidi Billotto Cooks and Heidi Billotto on Facebook; and @HeidiCooks on Twitter. Look for some fun video and photos you won’t see anywhere else on each of these social media feeds.

15 York County, SC Restaurants You Want To Know About…

YoCo Taste Trail

Napa At Kingsley – 1310 BroadCloth Street, Ft. Mill, SC

YoCo Taste Trail

These are Napa’s Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs – a delicious way to start your meal at the Kingsley location. This location of Napa is located right on a lake at the center, once home to the old Stowe Mills. In pretty weather, patio dining is the table of choice for your order of meatballs and more.

Fish Market Bar & Grill – 990 Market Street in Ft. Mill, SC

YoCo Taste Trail

Wow! This Chilean Sea Bass entree is a classic – on the Fish Market menu since they opened. It’s the signature dish here with good reason. Perfectly cooked fish with a melt-in-your-mouth mushroom risotto, Asian tomato relish and a mild but flavorful soy wasabi butter. We consider it a must-order each and every time we go.

The Lucky Duck – 993 Market Street, Ft. Mill, SC

YoCo Taste Trail

Lucky Duck is a gastropub, located directly across the street from Fish Market Bar & Grill. The relatively new bar & grill is owned by the same team that brought us CO, an Asian themed restaurant, now enjoying two locations in Charlotte at Park Road and at Waverly. In Ft. Mill, Lucky Duck’s signature fried chicken sandwich, is best enjoyed with a side of fries. It’s a handful to say the least. Its all a bit messy, but in a very delicious sort of way.

Z’s Bakery and Cafe – 124 Confederate Street, Ft. Mill, SC

YoCo Taste Trail

Z’s is one of my favorite spots for breakfast or lunch. Run by a family of three generations, Z’s is a popular spot with Ft. Mill locals as well. Hot from the oven with a cool dollop of fresh whipped cream on top, this signature strawberry stuffed croissant did not disappoint.

Lily’s Bistro – 4547 Charlotte Hwy, Clover, SC

ToCo Taste trail

When the mood for a fine surf and turf calls, hop on over the Buster Boyd Bridge and head to Lily’s. Tender filet, perfectly cooked lobster tail and two melt in your mouth scallops, make the plate. The well seasoned mashed potatoes underneath it all, are an added bonus!

Burgers & Barley – 111 Cherry Road, Rock Hill, SC

YoCo Taste Trail

This was my first visit to Burgers & Barley, but it won’t be my last. Here we have the Brinner Burger. A hand patted CAB beef patty topped with bacon, cheese and a fried egg sandwiched between halves of a glazed donut!! I know, but I am here to tell you, its fabulous. Add the waffle cut sweet potato fries with honey mustard dipping sauce and one of B&B’s signature boozy milkshakes and well, nuff said…

Legal Remedy Brewing – 129 Oakland Ave in Rock Hill SC

yoco taste trail

There is a lot to love about this locally owned Rock Hill brewery. Including this fancy and flavorful poutine. Hand cut fries that live up to their name, topped with homemade pimento cheese sauce and a melted hot pepper jelly! Fries aside, the pepper jelly is so popular, chefs here make it by the jarful. I suggest you pair your poutine with Legal Remedy’s new Apricot Sour for the perfect combo of tastes to start your meal.

Flipside Restaurant – 129 Caldwell Street, Rock Hill, SC

Yoco Taste trail

I’ve known Flipside owners Jon and Amy Fortes for year and am so proud of all they have done in South Carolina. Flipside now has two locations and a catering service. The two have made York County, SC home and Amy had the pleasure and honor of serving the state as one of South Carolina’s Culinary Ambassadors. You’ll find this signature short rib at the Rock Hill location where things are bursting at the seams, so they are expanding!! Look for more seating and a private dining room later this summer. And stay tuned for news on the Forte’s new Italian concept, opening in Rock Hill soon.

Sharon Grill – 3718 York County, Sharon, SC

yoco taste trail

Take a step back in time and visit historic Sharon SC. (correctly pronounced Shay-ron) Here you will find the Sharon Grill, a wonderful family-run family restaurant with nearly 50 different dishes for under $10. The YoCo Taste Trail signature dish is this fried catfish platter with fries, slaw and awesome hush puppies. The fried catfish here is some of the best I have ever had. One order offers a lot of fish, but you can enjoy more of it at Sharon Grill’s Friday night all you can eat fish fry. Then, go back on Saturdays for Prime Rib night. These folks are doing it right and have a regular long-time cliental that keep coming back for more. You should too, I know we will.

Sonny’s BBQ – 2781 Cherry Road, Rock Hill, SC

yoco Taste trail

The Sonny’s location in Rock Hill, like many of their locations has a separate take-out door and register. Call and ahead or step inside to place your take out order. Loved being able to get their signature dish – classic banana pudding – on the go!

But wait, there’s more

Also on the trail and on my list to enjoy in the next couple of weeks are these great little spots.

Hoof & Barrel at 122 North Congress Street in York, SC. Their signature pork chop on the rib bone, sounds and looks incredible – I can’t wait to find out more!

These award winning ribs are the Yoco Taste Trail signature dish at Courtney’s BBQ – 1166 Highway 55 E in Clover, SC. The restaurant is only open Thursdays through Sunday with a huge buffet on Sundays – so make plans and get there early so you won’t miss out!

Photo courtesy of Visit York County

Papa Doc’s Shore Club, located on the water at Lake Wylie, just over the Buster Boyd Bridge, is one of the many restaurants that are a part of the Bottle Cap Group. Another long time friend Chef Troy Gagliardo is at the helm of the culinary team. I can’t wait to try this signature dish and hear the story behind the plate Smack Down Shrimp, here I come.

Photo courtesy of The Pump House

The Pump House – 575 Herrons Ferry Road, Rock Hill, SC. This is another cool waterside restaurant, originally the real pump house for the old Celanese Factory in Rock Hill. The building has been restored with three levels of dining that include a rooftop bar with patio seating. Shrimp and Grits is the signature dish – yes, please!

yoco taste trail
Photo courtesy of York County, SC

The Shore Club, located on the Tega Cay Golf Club is at 15083 Molokai Drive in Tega Cay, SC. I’m told this signature dish, Lobster Nachos is a fan favorite at the club. I can’t wait to dive it. Looks like a wonderful way to start a course-side lunch or dinner.

All for now, but more to come…

Yoco Taste Trail
Look for this “Official Restaurant” chalkboard at each and every restaurant participating in the 2020 YoCo Taste Trail

Stay tuned for more on the YoCo trail as my eating adventures continue. I’m working my way through all the good eats at these last five spots and then I’ll be back with all the delicious details.

Meantime, you and your friends all need to download the Visit York County app and start a 2020 YoCo Taste Trail and YoCo Brew trail adventure of your own. Tag me in your social media posts or let me know your favorite spots along the trail in the comment section below.

And as you eat your way through the trail, remember to #TellThemHeidiSentYou Cheers!

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