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North Carolina Travel: Triangle Tease

Should you find yourself in need of a respite or just feel like it may be time to get the heck out of Dodge for a change of scenery, let me suggest a little North Carolina roadtrip. Hop in the car – or on a train – and head to the Triangle for a fun and flavorful getaway!

If you opt to go by train – you’ll land in Durham or Raleigh. Regular scheduled runs are easy to find from Charlotte and you can start relaxing right away!

If you opt to go by car, take I-64 and plan a stop in the Heart of North Carolina i and around Asheboro, NC on your way up. Take the kids to the zoo on your way, or stop in at an apple orchard for hayrides and apples galore. Or, enjoy a fun country breakfast along the way – you know my North Carolina roadtrips are always full of food-centric fun!

Or begin as I did for this adventure, straight up I-85 from Charlotte, with first stop in Burlington, NC. Home to Haands Pottery.

North Carolina Roadtrip

This adventure begins in Burlington, NC

North Carolina Road trip

Our North Carolina roadtrip adventure begins in Burlington at Haands Pottery at 413 Tucker Street, Here you will find a warehouse studio packed full of beautiful locally crafted porcelain plates, bowls, mugs, pitchers and more.

North Carolina Roadtrip

Lots of chefs across the country buy from these two young artisans and you can too! Shop from the in stock merchandise and buy directly from the artists at the studio.

Join me for more later today…

Next, we’ll head into Raleigh and then to Chapel Hill and Durham, too. And you will learn about my surprize connection with the talent behind Haands Pottery. Lots to places to eat and drink local, several hidden gems you need to know about, three fabulous food forward places to stay that you will love, and two spectacular food festivals you simply must attend!

Okay, so let me just mention both of those food festivals now, so you will not miss out on getting tickets and can hop on getting these important dates on your calendar:

north Carolina

Sept 30 – the 4th annual NCRLA Chef Showdown in Durham, NC; 6-8:30 pm . In one single evening, 20 chefs and 6 mixologists from across the state offer an incredible assortment of local food and drink. They are all vying for the titles of Chef of the Year, Pastry Chef of the Year, Mixologist of the Year and Distillery of the Year… And, if you are there, you get to vote along with the judges!

North Carolina

Oct 16-19 – the 10th annual (and final) Terra Vita Food & Drink Festival in Chapel Hill. A four day festival of food, drink, sustainability and the people who make it so. Get tickets to dinners, classroom events, demonstrations, tasting and more.

Tickets on sale for both of these events right now – just follow the links and be sure to #TellThemHeidiSentYou

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To hear all about it, tune in today – Tuesday, Sept 24 – to Charlotte’s WCNC-TV. I’ll be on the Charlotte Today show in the second half of the show – sometime between 11:30 and noon.

If you miss it, no worries. I will have a copy of the video in a follow up post later today!

Along with the video later today, you will get all of the delicious details in a second post called “North Carolina Roadtrip: Travel to the Triangle.”

North Carolina Travel

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Stay tuned for more North Carolina travel….

Stay tuned, subscribe and later today you will soon learn where you can go to see this iconic statue from the TV show that put North Carolina on the map; learn the story of how I met chef and cookbook author, Carla Hall; and find out why this pink penguin is standing next to my signature suitcase…

north Carolina
North Carolina
North Carolina

September has been a month full of delicious food and travel. I can not wait to tell you about it all!

And, for those of you wanting more and waiting for the part two to my Whats up in Spartanburg, SC post, my Julia Child roast chicken post and my most recent Eat Local round up, those are all in the works and coming your way by the end of the month!

So much to write about and so many tales to tell. I do love what I do! And that includes sharing all of these fabulous food stories! Grateful and so glad you love them too!

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