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If you enjoy binge watching cooking and travel videos, you’ll love this section of my site. Get set for recipe prep, eat and drink local line ups, 3-day travel segments and my televised restaurant recommendations .

It is always a pleasure when I can take what I do to the airways. I love being in front of the camera and love sharing all I do. Each of these videos or “As seen on TV” segments link back to a blog post or social media promo.

Join in all the fun as you watch just one, or watch them all. And, enjoy!

Here is a taste of all the international eats in Jacksonville, NC as shared with Ken Smith of WRAL in Raleigh

Waffles for Breakfast with The Waffle Lady at Jacksonville, NC’s Hampton Inn & Suites

Time to make plans for a roadtrip to Jacksonville, NC. Book a stay at the Hampton Inn & Suites at 1032 Hampton Inn Way and get set for a real treat when you go down for the complimentary breakfast each morning! Read more here. #TellThemHeidiSentYou

Try Regina’s wafflicious waffled bagel sandwich as a fabulous breakfast option… for days when, “just a waffle” just won’t do!!

Next, here’s a one minute summer waffle dessert idea from Regina Triche, the Waffle Lady. Can’t wait to try this!

Five Fabulous Local Buys for Summer

As we kick off the 2021 summer season, this video is from a June 1, 2021 broadcast of the Charlotte Today show on WCNC in Charlotte. In it I shared a taste of five wonderful local North Carolina products you will want to know more about – get all the details here.

Six Sensationa Ideas for Mothers’ Day 2021

Lots of Saturday and Sunday Brunching options in Charlotte NC – here are a few of my springtime favorites. I know you will love them too. Plus, as a bonus, links to my favorite cinnamon roll recipes for a great Family Brunch that puts your kids in the kitchen. Enjoy every moment!

Take a One Day Getaway to Asheboro NC

In case you missed it – here is the copy of the One Day Getaway Travel Segment I did with Ken Smith on WRAL. Here I share the details of what you’ll find when you pack up the car and take a visit to The Heart of North Carolina.

A series of videos from Seagrove NC – August 2020

Learn all about the August Tea with Seagrove Potters Studio Tour

First, a look at all you will find a this semi annual event in Seagrove NC. Did you know that a pottery mug is the gateway purchase to additional handcrafted pottery purchases. Stop in every time you go to visit and start building your own collection of local North Carolina pottery. Nearly 100 studios in Seagrove NC give you lots of options. #TellThemHeidiSentYou

Bobbie Thomas from Thomas Pottery in Seagrove NC talks with Heidi Billotto about the Aug 15, 2020 Tea with Seagrove Potters studio tour

How its Done – Seagrove Potter throws a vase on a potters wheel

Eck McCanless Talks About Carving his Pottery

Stephanie Martin of Dean and Martin Pottery in Seagrove NC talks about her Pop Culture Series

Seagrove Potter Stephanie Martin tells Heidi Billotto about her Pop Culture Series of Mugs.

Get ready, Michael Mahan of From the Ground Up Pottery, talks to Heidi about fermenting pickles!!

Bobbie Thomas of Thomas Pottery introduces Miss Prissy Pots

How You Can Help Local Restaurants

Early in 2020 the world was in quarantine facing the Covid 19 pandemic. Restaurants across the country were shuttered and shut down and then slowly everyone began to figure out ways to bring business back. This video from a Charlotte Today interview with show host Colleen Odegaard on how consumers everywhere could help the local restaurant industry, no matter where you live.

Cooking with Hempeh on WTVI’s Charlotte Cooks

It was such fun to appear on WTVI’s Charlotte Cooks with Chef Pamela Roberts earlier this year. Here is the video that accompanies my How to Cook with Hempeh blog post. Enjoy!

You Melt My Heart

This is a video profile and interview with Rock Hill, SC based pastry chef Brittany Rayfeild of CTO Sweets – you are going to love her line of hand crafted, white Chocolate, hot chocolate filled meltables! Read more here and here.

Tea at the McNinch House Restaurant in Charlotte, NC

Monthly High Tea and Valentine’s Dinner at The McNinch House, read more here. Note: don’t worry I know it looks sideways but as soon as you click on it it turns right side up.

Asa Food for Babies – Eat Local and Eat in Season

Charlotte NC area farmer is the creator and driving force behind Asa Food For Babies – all local, all vegetables and a wonderful way for your child to eat with the seasons.

Lets get Cooking – Heidi’s Video Recipes As Seen on TV

We are so lucky in North Carolina to have two seasons of dark leafy greens and root veggies. First in the fall and then in the early spring. This roasted root veggie salad with hot pepper jelly cheesy croutons is good to make any time of the year. Recipe and details here.

One of the things I love about sharing recipes on TV, is that I try to incorporate as many local products as I possibly can – here Peggy Rose Jellies, TOPO bitters and Olive Crate EVOO. In the recipe posts a nod to Fainting Goat Spirits as well.

Braised Pork Chops and Sweet Potato Tots from A Way of Life Farm

Nothing like the taste of local pork. These gorgeous pork chops came from A Way of Life Farm at the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market – you’ll find the details on the recipe here!

Heidi’s Restaurant Roundups As Seen on TV

Six Sensational Spots to Try for Queen’s Feast Winter 2020. Read more in my Queens Feast 2020 Winter Edition post. Even though the 2020 Winter Restaurants week is done, these six spots continue to be wonderful places to enjoy a fine meal.

Originally Aired in Charlotte NC on WCNC’s Charlotte Today on Jan 16, 2020

Looking ahead, here is a short list of Charlotte area restaurants you can start getting excited about! All of them are scheduled to open sometime in 2020. Stay tuned, I’ll keep you posted as openings occur. Meanwhile, you can read more at Charlotte Restaurants on the Radar

As seen on tv on Charlotte Today – Dec 30, 2019.

Each of my restaurant roundups includes a list of a half dozen places I love. And, they are all places I think you will love too. Check out this next segment for a list of places I originally recommended for holiday dining. It’s great to know that they are all perfect spots to enjoy with friends all the year thru! Read More at A RoundUp of Holiday Cheers!

This video originally aired in Charlotte on Charlotte Today Dec 10, 2019.

Eat and Drink Local As Seen on TV in Raleigh, NC

Each area of North Carolina offers an array of local product. Some of it available across the state, other product only available in a limited area. Its been a pleasure to work with my friends at WRAL as I promote local products in the Raleigh/Durham area as well as in Charlotte.

This Eat and Drink Local segment originally aired in early December at WRAL in Raleigh, NC
Heidi Billotto and Ken Smith with WRAL Feb 17, 2020

Eat Local and Drink local as seen on TV in Charlotte, NC

This next video also features six wonderful ways to eat local North and South Carolina product. in couple of cases you will see the same products I promoted in Raleigh. You’ll also find several new items in the mix you are sure to enjoy! The video aired on Charlotte Today, November 2019 but these local products are delicious go-tos all year round. Read more at my Holiday Helpers Edition of Eating Local

Drink Local in Charlotte, NC

Next, a video that features local spirits from three different North Carolina distilleries. Also included, a Charlotte-based cider, a set of organic bitters and a local condiment that will make your cocktails everyone’s Jam! Read more at Six Sensational Ways to Drink Local

This annual post first aired in Charlotte on Dec 3, 2019.