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Cooking Classes with Heidi Billotto

Hi! I’m Heidi Billotto, a Charlotte NC based free lance food and Food-centric travel writer/blogger. I am also a food stylist, social media specialist and cooking personality. As you can see, I have a lot of passions.

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Among them are shopping and eating local, learning about new foods, farms, and cooking techniques and teaching!  As a former kindergarten teacher,  I often work with kids in the kitchen. With adults, my primary focus now is about the pairing of food and drink. Supporting local farms. Purchasing local product, protein and produce and cooking it all up into a fabulous meal.

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I teach through the written word, on television, through video and in person, at private and regularly scheduled cooking classes.

When you are cooking, Most Importantly, Have Fun

While learning correct culinary technique and knowing where your food comes from are  important; it’s even more important to me that everyone have fun in the process!

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My cooking classes are all hands-on events. In every recipe I feature as much locally grown and sourced product as is available. Follow my social media feeds and you will see me shopping at local farmers markets for all of our ingredients. When I can’t find local product, I opt for organic product. It is so important that we all know what is in the food we are eating.

These classes are a blast – we’ll prepare 4-5 different recipes in each class to make a meal. Everyone gets in on the act, everyone gets to eat. I work with local vineyards and wine shops to include wine pairings with every dish. Every class participatn goes home with a complete recipe packet and a fun gift bag. You’ll also get coupons for lots of the local product we use in class!

To see for yourself, just click on the video link under the pink television

If I’ve whet your palate, but you want to know more, here’s a taste of what you can expect. This great video was filmed at an actual class by my talented friend Wes Walker of Dream Alive Productions.

My On the Farm classes are done in a similar manner, but they start with a farm tour. We hear from each farmer about his or her philosophy of farming and how they do what they do. Then, we head to the kitchen to cook with whatever they raise or produce. Often we supplement the menu with other local products to make a meal.

You and your fellow classmates can watch or lend a hand if you’d like. Together will learn to chop, slice, simmer and saute along the way.


And here are All the Details and the Fine Print….

Living the Loving Local Mantra: In my classes and catering I cook for clients as if I were cooking for my family. It is important to me to use the healthiest, freshest product so I shop Local and cook with produce, proteins and products sourced primarily from local farms and vendors, using certified organic or product that is grown by organic standards when I can’t find what is needed from a local source.

The Take Away: Everyone participates in the preparation of each dish and each class participant leaves with a packet of recipes, wine notes and coupons and other fun party favors.

Class size is limited: Your advance reservations via email gets you on the class list and advance payment confirms your space in class. Once I hear from you with a reservation I will contact you with specifics on how to pay. I will send out directions and any other details you might need, several days prior to  the class date.

Cancellation Policy: I try hard not to cancel events; but reality is. There is a three person minimum for my At Home With Heidi Classes and if weather is a problem we try hard to reschedule. If you need to cancel  more than 7 days prior to class I am happy to provide a full refund of your advance payment. If you cancel 6 days or less before the class date I know you will understand that I will have already started making plans and purchases and am glad to offer you a refund of half of your original payment.

In a nutshell….

Class size is limited. Your advance reservations via email gets you on the class list. Advance payment confirms your space in class. I will send out directions and any other specifics you might need, several days prior to  the class date. The cost for most of my public cooking classes is $85 per person. The cost for private cooking classes or team building events depends on the number of people and the format and location of the class.

Cooking Classes for Kids


And Yes… I teach private children’s cooking classes, too! A private kids class is a great way to celebrate a birthday, kick off a slumber party; or enjoy a fun morning or afternoon with friends.  Contact me at Heidi@HeidiCooks.com and lets discuss the delicious details!