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Let Your Culinary Adventures Begin Here – Heidi Billotto

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What’s Up in Spartanburg SC?

Spartanburg SC
What’s Up in Spartanburg SC? So much to do, see, eat, drink and enjoy in Spartanburg SC. Let food and travel writer, Heidi Billotto be your guide in this first of a two part post. 

South Carolina Restaurant recap with video and six more great spots to eat!| Aug 2019

South carolina restaurants
The first post (below) was so popular I wrote a recap. This one with embedded video from my Charlotte Today appearance. Keep this link as a guide, next time you visit South Carolina’s Olde English Tourism District and are looking for a great place to eat!

Heidi Billotto Shares Six Sensational South Carolina Restaurants | Aug 2019

In this post, we are swinging down to South Carolina for Heidi Billottos August Restaurant Roundup, to share what’s cooking across state lines.
I’ve spent a lot of time traveling across The Palmetto State this summer. Thought it was time to write about some of my favorite South Carolina places to eat and drink. Check out all the info on these six sensational spots…

Happy Birthday Julia Child | Aug 2019

Heidi Billotto
Happy Birthday Julia Child! Sharing my Julia Child Story and a great master recipe for Classic Roast Chicken

NCRLA Chef Showdown Raleigh Regional Recap | Aug 2019

Heidi Billotto
Here is the recap of the Raleigh Regional Round of Competition – all a part of the 2019 NCRLA Chef Showdown. Heidi Billotto is the showdown host and co-organizer!

Tea with Seagrove Potters | August 2019

Heidi Billotto
Tea With Seagrove Potters was an event that took place in early August, but you can visit the talented potters in the town of Seagrove NC anytime you would like. In this tea-centric travel post, youll get to meet the craftsmen and women who participated in the annual event and hear more about their passion for pottery. In this post, learn how to brew the perfect pot of hot tea and the perfect pitcher of iced tea