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Heidi Billotto’s All New Cooking Classes for Feb-May 2019

Time to Get Cookin’ … Here’s the line up of my series of new cooking classes for February and March 2019; and a peak into April and May.

Each new cooking class is a hands-on experience featuring local ingredients and 4-5 different recipes to make a meal. Wine pairings from Dover Vineyards with each course. Recipes and a fun gift bag for each participant!

Looking Back Before we Look Ahead

new Cooking classes

This year, 2019, marks 10 years of blogging for me!
Ever inspired by my heroine, Julia Child, I’ve been writing for print publications since the early 1990’s. In 2009 I jumped feet first in on the blogging scene with my first blog cleverly named HeidiBillottoBlogsRestaurantsRecipesAndFood
It was published on blogspot and is still up if you’d like to take a fun trip down memory lane. That first post includes a recipe for my classic garlic-free pesto recipe with several variations. The last post on that site was in 2013. I then moved the blog to these WordPress pages, and coined the shorter and more direct moniker HeidiBillottoFood I celebrate today

Special Gifts and Prizes with Each Blog Post this Year

This year, I’ll be celebrating the past 10 with special offerings and giveaways on each blog post from now till the end of the year! And, throughout the year, I’ll offer a class or two priced at just $10 per person. Join in the fun and help me celebrate!

Don’t miss out on any of the delicious details

new cooking classes

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Now on to the list of new cooking classes for 2019…

Knife Skills and Cooking with Mushrooms –Saturday February 16, 3-6 pm

Hard to do an On the Farm class with wild mushrooms, so I’m bringing them all to us fresh from the farmers market that morning, and using the opportunity to help class participants up their slicing and dicing game. The focus will be on honing your knife skills. The results of your labors: Mushroom and ricotta soup; wild mushroom risotto; Classic beef Wellington; and pasta with a wild mushroom sauce. Cost $85 Email to make your reservations now! 

Homemade Pastas and Sauces – Sunday February 24, 2-5pm

Nothing like a bowl or plate of homemade pasta to soothe the soul or cure the wintertime blues. It’s all so much more fun (and delicious) when you make it yourself. In this class we will “roll our own”, preparing a different sauce for each pasta. On the menu: handmade pici pasta – just like Tom and I enjoyed in Tuscany. And a real Italian lasagna made with a local milk bechamel. We’ll saddle up the pasta machine to make Fettuccini Al fredo – just wait till you see how delicious this from scratch version is! And we’ll make our own hand cut ravioli as well. Each pasta with a different delicious sauce you can mix and match when you go home after class to make your own. Cost $85 Email to reserve your spot in class.

Cooking with doTERRA Essential Oils – Sunday March 10, 2-5pm 

I’ve been dabbling with doTERRA essential oils and all the fabulous supplements for about a year or so; and love the difference they have made in our lives. Tom and I both take the Life Long Vitality pack every day in place of an off-the-shelf daily vitamin. We use oils in place of OTC meds all the time now and have really been able to see a change in how we feel.

Recently I’ve been using the doTerra’s essential oils more and more in sweet and savory recipes. They add a punch of flavor plus all the other benefits these individual oils provide. Because of the rigorous testing and intentional sourcing doTERRA does before they put an oil on the market, you can be assured that this line of essential oils is perfectly safe (and actually therapeutic) to ingest. After much R&D, I have some wonderful recipes to share in this class on Cooking with doTERRA Essential Oils – can’t wait to share them with you! Cost $10  Email to reserve your spot!

On the Farm Cooking Classes 2019

April 7 -On the Farm at Proffitt Cattle Company – Beef and Coffee 2-6pm

In this springtime On the Farm beef-centric class, I am pairing Proffitt’s beef with local coffee! This class begins with a farm tour. You will see the finishing herd that grazes the grasses surrounding the Proffitt homestead. Participants will learn all about what it takes to be an organic rancher. The process and attention to detail is amazing! Back inside (and out at the grill) we will cook with Proffitt’s delicious grass fed and finished beef. Every course will feature beef and coffee in the form of marinades, sauces, and dry rubs. Things start with a beefy appetizer and a bubbly toast upon arrival; followed by 4 additional beef-centric courses including a beef braise in the Instapot!
Our host, Shelley Proffitt Eagan will have beef for sale at the class, so plan to bring a cooler along to stock up! Cost $95 Email to reserve your spot.

Saturday May 18 – On the Farm at New Town Farms 2-5:30 pm

The very first On the Farm class I ever taught was with Sammy and Melinda Koenigsberg at New Town Farm. We did it as a lark and had no idea of the far reach it would have. I always look forward to heading back to New Town and to the Koenigsberg’s kitchen. This is our annual springtime at New Town On the Farm Cooking Class.

To kick things off we’ll share in an appetizer and fun springtime cocktail. Then Sammy will take us on a farm tour, sharing his philosophy and his love for what he does so well. We’ll met the pigs and chickens and see where  all the wonderful veggies grow. Then, back to the kitchen to cook together to prepare a 4 course from New Town farm meal.   Don’t Miss It – this class only comes around once a year! Cost $85 Email to hold your spot!

Saturday June 22 – Vegetarian Cooking at Tega Hills Farm 2-5:30 pm

Always fun to be with my friends Mark and Mindy Robinson at Tega Hills Farm. At this farm lettuces and microgreens grow hydroponically inside the greenhouses and conventionally outside the greenhouses. We’ll start with a little bite to eat and a beverage with which to toast. Then, its on into the greenhouses to tour this incredible hydroponic farm of lettuces, microgreens and more. I’ll have a kitchen set up in one of the greenhouses  – or outside under the tents if weather allows. We’ll prepare 4 wonderful courses features the greens and veggies that Mark and Mindy so lovingly grow. I’ll supplement the produce with a variety of plant-based proteins from other local farms. Cost $85 Email to make your reservations!

Stay tuned for more…

More At Home with Heidi classes coming in June and July…meanwhile, please join me on…

Then, in August…

Sunday August 4, 1-5 pm – On the Farm at Middle Ground Farm in Monroe NC – This class will have a fruity theme as Middle Ground’s orchard will be ready to harvest – think recipes with fresh figs, elderberries, peaches, plums and more. Plus we’ll incorporate Middle Ground’s pork, eggs and hydroponic lettuces into many of the recipes. Cost $85 per person. Reservations for Middle Ground Farms

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